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AI Translator

Subtitle translation accuracy dramatically improved, more natural with contextualized scenes


Supports N / A cards
1 hour video 3060 graphics card 10 minutes to complete

vocal separation

Accurate extraction of valid audio and video with continuous noise through vocal separation

Intelligent Enhancement Algorithm

Exclusive optimization solution, subtitle accuracy is greater than the effect of vocal separation!

Subtitle Generator

Select the video source language and the subtitle language you want to generate, and automatically generate subtitles with one click.

Editable Subtitles

Subtitle translation results can be edited, allowing you to adjust the timing and content of the subtitles, as well as perform multiple translations.

Multi-tasking Queue

Add multiple videos in batch and perform the translation and subtitling tasks automatically and sequentially, unattended.

Resumable Tasks

Add subtitle progress is saved in time, the progress will not be lost after closing the client, you can keep running next time.


All operations are done locally, no need to upload to the cloud, no longer worry about privacy leakage.



  • $49.9 for 2010 mins
  • less than $1.5/hour
  • balance not expired


  • $19.99 for 600 mins
  • less than $2/hour
  • balance not expired


  • $0 for 30 minutes
  • Adding subtitles
  • Translation for free



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